Sunday, November 4, 2012

Slow Progress is Better Than No Progress...

Anyone who’s been keeping up with this blog knows that I’m trying to make at least three months’ worth of strips before launching my webcomic Echo Effect. I don’t know yet if I’m going to update that webcomic two or three times a week, but for now I’m assuming three, since even if I end up doing a two-per-week schedule, it’s always better to have too many strips on hand instead of too little. Anyway, here’s my progress so far:

Um, yeah. I still have a lot of work ahead of me! I’m hoping for this progress meter to skyrocket soon since ten strips are already in the coloring stage…

What about the rest of you? How are your various projects progressing?


  1. Some progress is always better than no progress! Keep going, and you'll get it done. :)

  2. What Cherie said. And keep believing.

  3. Congrats on what you've achieved so far and keep up the good work! I love progress meters, don't you? I hope to see your meter moving along swiftly very soon! My NaNoWriMo wordometer has just hit 9k words (I wrote almost 4k words today) so I'm feeling super happy right now!

    1. Definitely love progress meters! It's so fun to see my progress so visually like this.

      And wow, 4K in one day?! That's amazing! Congrats on already hitting 9K! :D