Thursday, August 9, 2012

Almost Done

What happens when only one brother in a set of twins gets a supernatural ability? The completely human one decides to use him as a flashlight:

(Click here for the full-sized version.)

Yep, these are characters from one of my many, many projects. I have no idea when I'll ever get around to working on their book, but making art of them is fun in the meantime....


  1. awww! I feel bad for the human one!

    1. You should feel bad for both of them. I don't plan on being nice to either of them in their book, to put it mildly. :P

    2. Oh no! I'll grant you guys asylum if you wish!

      It's a good thing characters aren't real or we'd be in prison for all the things we do to our characters.

    3. LOL, I know what you mean. I'm so incredibly cruel to my characters that if I didn't end up in prison, most of them would likely find a way to kill me. XD