Wednesday, August 22, 2012

A Pill for Bravery

My best friend and critique partner, Sarah Whisted, has a new short story posted on her blog, titled “A Pill for Bravery.” Here’s a quick snippet from the start of it:
After slurping up the remaining milk from her cereal bowl before school one morning, curiosity got the best of Heidi’s tongue. “Maw Maw, what are those?” she asked her grandmother.

Maw Maw held the blue plastic case in her wrinkled hands for a long moment before opening the door labeled “T” for Tuesday, as she’d already explained to Heidi the previous day. “These are my pills,” she said, and she took five tablets from the Tuesday slot and swallowed them with a swig of water.

Before she could tuck the case away Heidi asked, “What for?”

Again Maw Maw waited a minute before replying, carefully deciding how to explain medicine to a five year old child. Finally she said, “I take them because each of them makes me a better person.”
Wanna read more? Click here to check it out!

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