Friday, January 27, 2012

Take Notes, Disney!

Guys. I have just discovered the most amazing thing ever…and that thing is twisted Disney Princess art. Click here if you want to see the creepy awesomeness!

Why yes, I am insanely tempted to do twisted art of my own now, thanks for asking….


  1. Replies
    1. Yeah, Cinderella is definitely freaky-looking...which is why I love it so much! :P

    2. Same! She looks like a demented crack addict! haha! This is ruining some of my Disney dreams for me. I personally love Jasmine in this though! She looks kick ass!

    3. I know, right?! "Kick-ass" was my first thought when seeing Jasmine, too. Easily my fave of these pics, along with Megaera (although that one eye of hers freaks me out a little, haha).

    4. Megaera looks creepy! That eye is freaky yeah! Is she pulling it with string or something?
      Jasmine looks like she's gonna jump out of the page and kill some ninjas!

    5. Yeah, she's pulling on her life thread, which is stitched into her face. So creepy!

      LOL at Jasmine jumping out to kill some ninjas! I'd totally watch that if it were a movie! XD

    6. Oh god! Imagine them as posters! Alright i wouldn't stick them up on my wall (in case I accidentally glance at one at night lol) but I'd probably buy them! Maybe not all of them. The prettier ones yeah!

      Jasmine was always one of the kick ass princesses wasn't she? I loved Esmerelda though.

      Maid Marion looks nice! haha!

    7. Man, I'd love to have posters of some of these! They'd be so inspirational to me as an artist to look at all the time. Plus, I'd love to see the WTF?! expressions of people seeing them on my wall for the first time. XD

      Haha, yeah, Jasmine has always been one of the kick-ass princesses...which just makes her all the more awesome!

    8. lol! yeah! "look at my beautiful posters!"

      "How the bejeesus do you sleep at night?"

      I think it's cos she wears trousers! lol! The others wear pretty medieval-ish dresses!