Friday, December 2, 2011

Books Read: November 2011

I always enjoy reading other people’s lists of books read each month, so…needless to say…I have finally decided to do a list, too!

Black Bird #8-11 by Kanoko Sakurakoji

…aka the books I read when I had my wisdom teeth extracted, forcing me to be lazy for a few days. *hee* I really love this manga series as a whole (even though some aspects had me iffy in the beginning). The artwork is stunning, and I enjoy this creator’s take on Japanese mythology. I’m also impressed by how, instead of doing an endless will-they/won’t-they thing, she had the main boy and girl become a couple long ago and still manages to come up with fresh obstacles for them. If in need of a new manga fix, this is a good one to go with!

Trick or Treat by Richie Tankersley Cusick

I had wanted to finish reading this back in October (naturally), but…well…that didn’t happen. *shameface* I adore this author’s books—The Unseen quartet FTW!—and the same can be said for this one…kind of. I was loving it up till the climax/end, which felt rushed and predictable, amongst other issues that are hard to explain without spoiling the book. I also wish ToT actually felt like Halloween instead of had it more as a backdrop—this book could’ve taken place anytime, really. The best parts were easily with Martha and her new stepbrother, Conor—it was both fun and endearing seeing their relationship develop!

Scream Street #1: Fang of the Vampire by Tommy Donbavand

I’ve been on a quest to read more middle-grade fiction since a few of my book ideas fall into that genre. I’m really glad I decided to try out this one for that quest—it was a really fun and quirky horror novel! (And I mean that about the art and the writing!) Many times this author was able to make me giggle out loud. I also think it’s really endearing that the plot revolves around a werewolf boy trying to get his parents out of a town that scares them senseless (despite the fact that he likes it there). I’ll definitely be checking out further volumes in the future!

The Secret Circle: The Captive (Part 2) and The Power by L. J. Smith

This is far from my favorite series by L. J. Smith. Regardless of that, though, I still enjoyed it a lot, and it is heaps better than the TV show adaptation (which I gave up watching shortly after they killed one of the few characters actually in the books). This series had a very earthy feel, and hey, you can never go wrong with witches! The Henderson brothers were my fave from it—so wonderfully crazy!—but I also enjoyed loner Nick quite a bit. I could relate a lot to the heroine, Cassie, as well. I wouldn’t rec this series if you’re new to L. J. Smith—go with The Forbidden Game, if that’s the case—since it can sometimes drag in parts, but it’s still worth checking out sometime!

Sucks to be Me by Kimberly Pauley

Easily my fave book read in November! The heroine is so wonderfully snarky, and the book is jam-packed with humor, quirk, and heart. The author gave tired, ol’ vampires a fun and fresh spin that makes this book stand out amongst the bajillion others in YA fantasy right now! Even better, there's a strong family element. STBM has the exact type of comedy I love to read and write—so much so, I’m already dreaming of Kimberly Pauley blurbing one of my books someday, if I’m ever published. Yeah, I’ve become that much of a fangirl that quick. *bounces in anticipation of the sequel finally coming in the mail*

Meg Cabot’s Abandon was so close to being on this list, but I still have about sixty pages left to read, soooo…that’ll be going on my December list, most likely. *head-desk*

What about the rest of you? Have you read any of these in the past? Read anything good this past month, regardless of what it is? Sound off in the comments!

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