Tuesday, November 28, 2017

My Last Post

Here on this blog, at least. That’s because I started a new one. Why, you ask? ‘Cause I’m rebranding. This is something I’ve been tempted to do for years, and even revealed to my patrons a few months back, but waited to share publicly, since I wanted to secure the domain name first. I’m leaving this blog up for now, to avoid broken links, but I do have new urls for my Twitter, Patreon, and Gumroad shop to match the domain. Please click here if any of you wish to still follow me around the blogosphere!

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

What's Ahead

Anyone want to learn more about Tess and Jay’s father, Ethan? Well, I have good news for the few of you who might, because…

1) A short story about his path to vampirism has been in the works since January.

2) Everyone supporting me on Patreon can see WIPs of that story already.

3) Patrons can also see concept art of Ethan’s human life! The first is a Patreon exclusive, but the second will be posted publicly. Can’t share it with you guys yet, since I like to let $5 patrons see new art weeks in advance, but here’s a preview, in the meantime…

Click here to see this comic strip in full now!

Couldn’t care less about Ethan? (Shame on you; he’s awesome.) Don’t worry, I also completed some ACEOs of Spencer and Jay back in October! Those should show up on my blog or Twitter sometime soonish…

Tuesday, November 7, 2017

A Cutesy WIP 'Cause Why Not

Remember Spencer’s kitty friend? He’s warming up to her! (His father Leroy is going to need a little more convincing, though…)


This WIP is from a three-panel comic strip I’ve been illustrating, based on Spencer’s human past. A high-res version, without the watermark, can be seen on Patreon. I share WIPs all the time there, so anyone who enjoys content like this should come join the fun!

Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Trick or Treat

Come join me on Patreon to see the above artwork in high-resolution, the very messy original sketch, and even what Jay named those Jack-O'-Lanterns!