Monday, March 7, 2016

Webcomic Updates

Behind on Echo Effect? Well, you’re in luck, ‘cause it’s time for me to share the latest strips again!

#211 (Website / Blogspot / Patreon)

#212 (Website / Blogspot / Patreon)

#213 (Website / Blogspot / Patreon)

I’VE BEEN WAITING TO DRAW THIS SINCE 2012. And this isn’t even the biggest twist you guys will be seeing in Echo Effect, either… >:)

And yeah, Nicholas is a morning person, to the point where he’d scare “normal” morning people with his early-to-rise routine. If he and Coco ever live together, she’ll want to kill him for how early he sets his alarm clock. (She’s not a morning person, needless to say, which I like to hope surprises no one!)

Speaking of Coco, I think this is the longest Echo Effect has ever gone without featuring her in a strip. (Her last appearance was in #205.) She’ll be back soon enough, though, and once she is, things are going to get…interesting.


All the Patreon links above are for high-res files of these comic strips, which everyone pledging $1 or more can see. If you pledge $5+, you'll also have the chance to see new strips days before everyone else, along with other exclusive content!


  1. I get a little scared when you say interesting! *LOL* I can't wait to see what you have in store for us. :)

  2. If he gets up before five in the morning, I'd kill him.

  3. Looking good! And so glad you got these images on paper after having them in your head for so long:)

  4. I'm so glad I'm all caught up! I'm hooked! :)

  5. Thanks for the comments, everyone! Hope you guys will enjoy the upcoming strips! :)

  6. I'm sooo behind on EE. Sooo behind I'm ashamed to admit, even though I miss the characters. Ugh... LIFE!

    1. Don't feel ashamed! Updates for Echo Effect have been so sporadic this past year, you probably haven't missed much, LOL. My webcomic will still be around whenever you find the time to catch up! :)