Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Comic Review: Archie #656-658

I’ve read some stellar Archie comics lately, so before I fall behind on blogging some more, here are a few quick reviews of them!

Archie #656
(Story & Pencils by Dan Parent)

A new character is introduced in the form of Harper, Veronica’s fashion-designing cousin. The cover initially had me fearing that Archie was getting yet another girlfriend, but luckily, the cover lied! Harper ends up having a romance with Reggie, which I love, since not only is he my favorite boy from these comics, but criminally underused as of late. I also love Harper’s mindset when it comes to her disability. She feels like it’s part of her, and doesn’t want people to shy away from asking her questions about it—something I can relate to as a diabetic. I’m looking forward to seeing more of Harper in the future!

Archie #657
(Story by Tom DeFalco / Pencils by Pat & Tim Kennedy / Cover by Dan Parent)

Archie tries to learn windsurfing in order to impress Veronica. Naturally, this leads to lots of slapstick, which never fails to be fun! It was also fun to see some classic characters pop up who are easily forgotten anymore, such as Bingo and Wilbur. As a longtime Cheryl Blossom fan, though, I enjoyed seeing her the most, especially since she ended up having a substantial role that wasn't villainous! All this, plus the beachside setting, makes this a perfect summer read!

Archie #658
(Story by Tom DeFalco / Pencils by Fernando Ruiz / Cover by Dan Parent)

Archie wants to fill up his summer dating quota with heaps of dates, but shrugs off the thought of going out with Betty, since he can always date her during the school year. Overhearing this, the girls of Riverdale decide to band together and give Archie dates he’ll never forget…no matter how much he’ll want to! The huge dish of karma Archie’s served, coupled with the fun twist ending and Fernando Ruiz’s phenomenal artwork—the splash page is especially impressive—make this issue an absolute must-read!

#656 Preview
#657 Preview
#658 Preview

So yes, I highly recommend all these issues. Check them out if you can!


  1. Replies
    1. I did my best to pick some fun ones! :)

  2. Hehehe! Those sneak peeks are great!

    1. I was hoping others would find 'em amusing! :)

  3. I used to read those when I was a kid!

    1. I read them as a kid, too, but just didn't stop... ;)

  4. I never read Archie. They look like fun comics, though!

    1. Definitely fun! I might be biased, though, since I own hundreds of them... ;)