Thursday, October 25, 2012


Sarah—my best friend and critique partner—recently wrote a short story for Halloween called “Intrusion.” You can read it over on her blog here. Check it out if you’re a fan of shape shifters, autumn fairs, or the horror genre in general—you won’t be disappointed!

Still not convinced? Here's a snippet from the story:
“So, do you like them?” Riley asks, beaming with pride over the stellar gift she’s gotten me for my birthday. Reece, Riley’s twin brother and my boyfriend, just sits back grinning. Of the two of them, he’s always less showy – never expectant of accolades like his sister.

I stare down at my custom Converses in awe, with their black paisley inner layer and red striped tongue. The skull head laces just add to their perfect design. They are everything I wanted and nothing I could ever justify buying for myself.

“I love them! Thank you so much, you guys.”

Riley hugs me quickly around the shoulders before hopping off the back of Reece’s truck where we sit. Reece simply squeezes my hand with a pleased smile on his face. Both actions are big efforts for the Pinkerton twins; they’re not ones for public displays of affection. In fact, to most people they appear standoffish. I’d been confused by their persistence to not come in physical contact with people myself when I’d first met them, but it all made sense when I’d found out they were shape shifters. (Read more!)

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