Monday, October 1, 2012

Creepin' Like a Creeper...

Back in August, I drew a picture based on the Halloween dance in my work-in-progress novel Cruel Melody. I didn’t post it then because…well…it was August. Now that it’s officially October, though, I have no qualms about sharing it. ;)

(Click here for the full-sized version!)

Fritz (the protagonist) is the character who’s creepin’ like a creeper in the background. Why yes, he is about to do something incredibly stupid, how did you guess…?


  1. I love your pictures - they're always so colourful! And I love Halloween, so that just makes this one even better. That definitely looks like an interesting party to be at...

    1. Thanks so much! And LOL, "interesting" is an understatement for my characters in these chapters. Things get really messed up really fast for them on Halloween. ;)