Friday, September 7, 2012

Non-Disney Villains Can Sing, Too!

After browsing various lists of people’s fave Disney villain songs, I couldn’t resist making a list of my own—except with non-Disney villains. Nothing against Disney, but non-Disney films are often just as good, if not better, so why not highlight lesser-known animation for a change?

Anyway…less jabber, and more music, yes? Yes!


3) Hexxus - “Toxic Love” (Ferngully)

'Cause greedy human beings will always lend a hand
With the destruction of this worthless jungle land

(You can never go wrong with Tim Curry as the villain. NEVER.)

2) Rothbart - “No More Mr. Nice Guy” (The Swan Princess)

Good behavior is so much duller
Time to show my one true color

1) Rasputin - “In the Dark of the Night” (Anastasia)

Soon she will feel
That her nightmares are real

What about the rest of you? What are your favorite non-Disney villain songs?


  1. I haven't seen any of these movies. Maybe I'm just a hermit.

    What's a villain song?

    1. You know how a lot of animated movies double as musicals? A villain song is the part in the movie where the villain finally gets a chance to sing. ;)

      I highly recommend all these movies, since you've never seen them. They're all fantastic, especially The Swan Princess. That's been my all-time fave animated movie for years! Gotta love a princess who will snub a dude for wanting to be with her just 'cause she's pretty. ^_^

  2. I had to have a bit of a think about this one, as I struggled to come up with any non-Disney villains who sang. And then I remembered Jem - one of my favourite cartoons from when I was little. Jem and the Holograms were the good guys. But their rival band, The Misfits (the bad guys), had way better songs. My favourite was Winning Is Everything (which sums up The Misfits perfectly).

    Here's a link:

    1. Oh, that song is fun! I've heard of Jem before, but don't think I've ever seen anything from that cartoon. Thanks for sharing a link! :)

  3. You just named the 3 best ones. I love all three of those movies, and the villains have outstanding solos in all three! Based on the movie itself, I'd go Fern Gully < Anastasia < Swan Princess, but the villain songs rank Rothbart < Hexxus < Rasputin. :D

    1. When it comes to the movies themselves, I agree, The Swan Princess ranks #1. That's easily my favorite animated movie ever! (Sorry, Disney. XD)

  4. 100.1% true! "In the dark of the night" is the best among the best for me. This song is my all-time #1 favorite song even if it's not from disney. duh who cares.. RASPUTIN is scary and at the same time funny.

    1. I agree! Such a great song, and villain in general...