Monday, September 24, 2012

Narcissus and Echo

This has always been one of my favorite tales from Greek mythology, so—needless to say—I made fan art of it:

For those of you not in the know, Echo was a mountain nymph who had helped Zeus cheat on Hera by distracting her with all her jabber. Once Hera found this out, she cursed Echo, condemning her with the inability to say anything except the last few words spoken to her. One day, Echo fell in love with Pretty Boy Narcissus, just like everyone else did at the time. He ultimately rejected her, though—not just because the curse made conversing with her incredibly annoying, but because he was so stuck on himself that he didn’t really care for anyone else’s affections, anyway.

Echo pretty much did nothing but wallow in her own misery until the god Pan, whom she rejected just like Narcissus did her, had his shepherds rip her to shreds, leaving her as nothing more but a disembodied voice. Narcissus, meanwhile, fell hopelessly in love with his own reflection, but because that love continued to (obviously) be unrequited, he killed himself, and flowers now known as the narcissus sprung up from the blood that had spilled from that act.

Like every other myth out there, there are variations to this tale, but this is the version I’ve always happened to enjoy. I’m choosing to ignore how disturbing this makes me….

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