Monday, July 16, 2012

My Fave Shows Are More Short-Lived Than Yours

I love a lot of shows. Like, a lot. There are five, however, that easily stand out from the rest. Unfortunately for me, all of them have been prematurely canceled already. (At least I have DVD sets of every single one of them to feed my nostalgia!) Most of you have probably never watched any of these, if you’ve ever even heard of them—all the better for me to blog about them, then, so they’re finally on your radar, yessss…?

FOX, 2005
1 Season (13 Episodes—Only 8 Aired on TV)
Amber: “What’s the big occasion?”
Boyd: “Funeral.”
Amber: “Sorry. Who died?”
Boyd: “Nobody yet. I like to be prepared.”
A teen girl discovers she’s the daughter of the devil and fights against succumbing to her destiny as the antichrist.
FOX, 2004
1 Season (13 Episodes—Only 4 Aired on TV)
Jaye: “I think the universe is conspiring against me.”
Eric: “The whole universe? Not just the Milky Way or, like, planet Earth, but the entire universe?”
Jaye: “All of creation. It’s a plot. I know that now.”
Inanimate objects suddenly start talking to a snarky tourist gift shop employee, and the only way to appease them is to do the cryptic things they say, which ends up triggering amazingly serendipitous happenings.
UPN/The CW, 2004-2007
3 Seasons (64 Episodes)
Mr. Clemmons: “Mr. Echolls, I was wondering if I could have a word?”
Logan: “Anthropomorphic. All yours, big guy.”
A teen sleuth tries to figure out who murdered her best friend Lilly, all the while being ostracized by the peers who once accepted her.
The CW, 2007-2009
2 Seasons (31 Episodes)
Ben: “Oh my God, we’re gonna die dressed as condoms!”
A 21-year-old slacker discovers his parents sold his soul to the devil before he was even born and must now use everything from toasters to gaudy Christmas sweaters to capture souls that have escaped from hell.
The WB, 1999-2001
2 Seasons (43 Episodes)
Mary Cherry: “Um, y’all? Do I have to do the splits? I’m a Christian.”
The popular crowd butts heads with the unpopular, all the while dealing with issues like anorexia and leukemia, when not immersed in absurdly hilarious plot arcs, such as performing this STD musical for kindergarteners (which is easily NOT the craziest thing to ever air on this show, btw):

Anyone else fans of the shows above? What are your top five shows of all time?


  1. Good grief. I haven't heard of any of those! It's a mighty fine thing TV doesn't depend on me for survival.

    1. I'm a total TV jinx. Almost all the shows I watch end up being unknown to the general populace, not to mention cancelled!

  2. Mine favorite show is Moonlight. It lasted one season. :(

    1. I remember Moonlight! I really enjoyed Jason Dohring's character on there. It's a shame it got cancelled when it did. Had it gotten just one more season, it probably would've become a hit thanks to the growing vampire craze!