Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Freddy Krueger is the New Edward Cullen

So, I apparently spoke too soon in my last post about playing blog catch-up, since I have yet to do that despite already another month passing. I’ve had a lot of issues with my internet lately which have forced me to stay away and be very frugal with my time online. I will probably continue to be more MIA than not as I try to get this problem fixed. (Verizon has been a bit of a pain about it so far.) Until then, please enjoy this comic I recently finished making, where Freddy Kruger is the new Edward Cullen, because my mind is just that disturbing:


For more art, click here!


  1. HAHAHAH!! ROFL! That's just brilliant.
    Kinda creepy though!

    That's a very good drawing of Freddy Krueger too!

    I hope your internet gets better! It sucks that you haven't been around much! And life becomes very difficult when you lose internet.It becomes worse when someone tells you a website to visit to sort it out! That doesn't really help much.

    My computer has been acting up too but I don't have the money to replace it so I gotta stick it out!

    I hope your internet gets better!

    LOL! As if the internet is a real thing!

    1. It's meant to be creepy. ;)

      I hope my internet gets better soon, too. Even now I'm afraid to be on here, in fear it will eat more of my allotted monthly usage than it should. Every time I think I've figured out the problem, it turns out not to be it. I'm probably going to have to bring my laptop to one of Verizon's technicians to see if they can figure out why my internet is acting the way it is...sigh.