Monday, April 2, 2012

Last Writes: March 2012

I only managed to write 1096 words in March, a brand new low for me—my lowest low, in fact. Most of those words weren’t even for CM, my current WIP. Granted, I did take a break from writing at the start of the month to revise, and I have been obsessed with making art lately. On top of all that, I finally had a job interview, so—you know—that stole a little bit of my time as well. Still, those are just excuses—and not even the real excuses for my lack of writing. I’ve purposely been avoiding CM, too afraid I can’t fix the sucky bits, but I’m determined now to somehow break this habit, since no way will any writing get done in April otherwise.

Seriously! April will be the month where I start writing steadily for CM again, no matter how cringe-worthy all that new writing will be.!

The fact that any new writing has occurred at all will lead to much happy-dancing…

*can't dance*

…and, of course, celebrations with my critique partner.


Or maaaaaybe, after just a few minutes of skimming through CM, the thought of writing will, once again, seem daunting…

WTF?! I'm supposed to write now? With WORDS?!?!

…and just like in March, I won’t be able to resist running from my manuscript instead of working on it.

Run from the emo manuscript! RUUUUUNNN!!!

Feel free to place your bets now on which scenario will occur….


  1. I get motion sickness so I can't look at the images too long!!! :-) You know, as long as you keep working--for you that can mean art as well as writing--you're making progress. It's only when you shelf the work altogether that it's a problem. So, you are FINE.

    1. Thanks. It's just so hard for me to think that way, since I always feel so behind on the countless projects in my head!

  2. Lol! I love the image collages though! Especially the last one!

    I hope the job interview went well!

    Wanna know my word count for March? 0. :( The older you get, the more things come in the way.

    1. The job interview ended up going nowhere, unfortunately. I'm guessing they opted to go with someone with experience, or that I failed the mandatory math test. (Yeah, I had to take a math test for a cashier job. Crazy, right?! XD)

      I completely agree how more things seem to get in the way the older we get. I feel like I've accomplished almost nothing this month...sigh.