Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Ray Wise Doesn't Own My Soul, But My Characters Do

As a writer, I’m supposed to have full control of my characters, right?

Control, yo.

Umm, yeah: no. No matter how much control I may seem to have at any given time, my characters almost always manage to cut off their puppet strings and prove to me otherwise.

Like last night, for example. Two radically different book ideas of mine suddenly decided to get chatty. And when I say get chatty, I mean make changes—changes in the form of them merging together into a single, freakish hybrid of a book.


That was my reaction at first, at least, until I realized that this merger would give me one less book to write. (I easily have a hundred in my head, so the extraction of a book idea, not the countless addition of one, is always a welcomed change of pace.) I also realized that the book idea I was more passionate about of these two would finally have a major issue fixed when combined like this. (The only issue that has kept me from working on a first draft yet.)

In other words, my reaction became this:


So yes, my characters often have just as much control as me, if not more…and I can’t exactly say I hate it. Some of you may think I’m crazy for believing so much of my control can be relinquished to fictional people like this. Me? I like to think of it as cooperating with the reality-impaired. Book ideas never fail to become more awesome once my characters and I start working together like this, so why fight it?


  1. Love the pictures!

    It's good that your characters are out of control. It shows that they're well rounded and fleshed out.

    1. The pictures are from Reaper, one of the best shows ever! ;)

      I hope this means my characters are well-rounded and fleshed-out. I'd hate for them to seem like cardboard cutouts or something!

  2. Love it when the characters take control! Makes writing easier (if there is such a thing).

    1. Haha, yeah, writing being easy is hardly ever the case, but I agree, it does seem to be easier once characters start taking control!