Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Last Writes: January 2012

Total Words Written in January:
4838 words. This is my lowest word count ever for January…sigh. I can’t say I’m not disappointed, but I’m not kicking myself over this, either, since pesky things like job-hunting have needed to take priority. Hopefully I can write more next month!

Projects Worked On:

Cruel Melody
(YA Fantasy—First Draft)

34650 / 80000 (43.31%)

I’ve pretty much been on a quest all month to finish writing chapter 20. That quest is now officially bleeding into February. (OH WOE.) I finally finished writing this scene, though (why was it easier to manifest in art form?!), so hopefully I can wrap up this chapter as a whole soon!

Goals for February: Add at least 5K words to CM, as I said I would for Jeannine Garsee’s Grapemo. I want to reach 40K already!

For the Love of Gods
(YA Fantasy—Revisions)

I finished reading through all of FLG again, ninja-kicking pesky errors from the manuscript!

Goals for February: Complete another round of edits for FLG, now that I have my critique partner’s comments to work off of—yet another thing I said I’d try accomplishing for Grapemo here!

NF #1 (No, you can't know the title yet. Deal!)
(MG Horror—First Draft)

2550 / 30000 (8.50%)

I’m honestly surprised I started working on this book, but it’s been fun, so I’m not complaining! Since it’s currently not my main project, I won’t say much about it for now. It’s a Middle Grade Horror, though, so that alone makes it awesome, yes?!

Goals for February: Finish chapter four of NF#1, since I only have about a page left....

With Impartial Tread
(Pre-FLG Short Story—Completed)

As some of you may remember, I finished working on a short story this month! Click here if you’re interested in reading about the Greek love god Cupid Eros and a dead pigeon….

What about the rest of you writers out there? What did you accomplish this past month and hope to tackle for this one? Sound off in the comments!


  1. You have so many projects floating all at once. I work on one at a time because my brain can't load more than that. So good for you! You are accomplishing much.

    My goal is to slush through another round of edits before I send my MS to a critique partner for a beta read in mid-Feb. While she has that, I'd like to add some chapters to another project I've been neglecting while working on the first one.

    1. I like working on at least a couple projects at once, because that way, if I get stuck on one book, I can go get something productive done with another!

      Good luck with your edits and adding a few chapters to another project! I'm certain you can pull it off. :)

  2. How do you cope with such a busy writing life? My head would just explode under all that pressure lol!

    You're goals are very well planned and thought out! Good luck with February and job hunting!

    Just saying, 5K is definitely better than nothing and that is bad, trust me. I once went about half a year without writing and some months, I wrote less than 1K. So be glad of your achievements!

    1. I used to have a much busier writing schedule. This is nothing in comparison! (And yet I still can't keep up with it. >.<)