Saturday, January 21, 2012

Wherein Supernatural Invades Essays and DVD Collections

I recently managed to buy four whole seasons of Supernatural for $15 each! (I couldn't find season 3, unfortunately, and I decided to wait on season 6 since I like to pretend the show ended with season five, anyway.) I couldn't help but think when buying them, "Gosh, these would have been sooooo helpful to have back when I wrote that essay last year!"

What essay, you ask? The one for my Religion in the Modern World class, where I had to discuss the portrayal of angels on Supernatural, in relation to the Judeo-Christian apocalypse. Some of you may remember me squeeing about getting a 100% on it and pretty much doing this:

I know I once shared a vampire essay I'd written for college, because someone had asked to see it, but I never shared my Supernatural one. So...I'm sharing it now! Click here if you're interested in seeing me ramble about the angels on that show, or if you simply want to scroll down and see the slides I also had to make for the PowerPoint presentation! I'll be over here awing over how shiny the DVD covers for Supernatural are....


  1. That is such a cool essay title! Why can't mine be as cool as that? I'm gonna have fun reading your essay!

    I need to take a college class like that. I've applied to study law in uni so I'll probably get stuck with something legal. urgh. I need to change it!

    1. I hope you enjoy the essay! Most I had to do for college weren't fun like this, so it was refreshing to write, at least!

      This religion class I took was so cool. There were many times where we'd watch South Park episodes in class, haha. That'd be awesome if you were able to take a class like this despite you applying for law!

    2. In the UK you take one degree and go to those classes. You can drop in on other classes though but you don't take the exams and do the work and get the qualifications. It's just for people who want to do extra work haha!

      I'm going to ask my English teacher if we can compare Hamlet to something modern! I've not had many exciting essays! I know some courses let you watch Law and Order though.

    3. LOL, I actually had to watch some Law and Order eps for this religion class. That actually bored me, though.... XD

      Good luck convincing your teacher to do some modern Hamlet comparisons!

    4. Law & Order is boring but I've only seen the UK version.

      I love Drop Dead Diva though. Much better legal show than Law and Order.

      MY teacher is dull and boring so probably not.

    5. Many teachers tend to be, unfortunately....

    6. I know! I wouldn't mind being a teacher though. But I'd definitely try to be one of the cooler ones.