Friday, January 27, 2012


I aspire to run my own webcomic someday. Until that day comes, however, I have no problem simply supporting other people’s webcomics!

One of my favorites is Candi by Starline Hodge, centering around a college art student named—what else?—Candi. (There are also things like a Squirrel Mafia and the Sexy Police, but I’ll avoid getting spoilery and instead direct you to the first comic so you can see all this awesomeness firsthand!) I can easily relate to Candi when it comes to things like this:

I can’t relate to a certain aspiring author in this strip, since I’m way too pessimistic to believe I’ll be published someday, much less famous, but gosh, it still makes me giggle, especially since there are writers like this out there:

Why am I bringing up my love for Candi now, you ask? Because yesterday I received this one-of-a-kind ACEO card based on the comic:

Adorable, yes?! Starline was even awesome enough to include this fun little doodle as thanks:

I’ve ordered other art from Starline in the past as well, including—but not limited to—this poster:

This amazing piece of art has since been framed so I can better ogle it! Every time Candi is updated, I can’t help but spend a few minutes ogling the latest comic as well, in hopes of soaking up the awesomeness and becoming a better artist. I only discovered this webcomic in 2011, but already it has become one of my faves, with Starline now one of my favorite artists. Again, here’s a link to the first comic so you can see why I love Candi, and Starline’s art in general, so much. I doubt you’ll regret it!


  1. Ooh! This webcomic looks fun! Thanks for sharing!

    God that second one is hilarious! I know I sometimes feel like that but then I sit down to write and come crashing back down to earth haha!

    1. This webcomic is most definitely fun. I hope you enjoy it if you ever get around to checking the whole thing out! :)

    2. I'm looking through it now. I'll favourite the page though so I can look through it properly when I have the time.

    3. Favoriting the page is a good idea. It can take a while to go through the entire webcomic, as I learned back in 2011! (It's worth it, though. :P)

    4. How long did it take you to go through it all?

      It's taking me ages because it loads so slowly on my computer. Might read it on my phone. it'll be faster on there!

    5. It took me a few weeks. I had caught up with it on/off, and there's also years of stuff to go through, so...yeah. Heh. But it's worth the effort to catch up! Candi never fails to cheer me up whenever it's updated.