Sunday, January 1, 2012

Brand New Year, Same Writing-Obsessed Heather

I wrote 5882 words in December. This means I wrote 77504 words in 2011 overall. I’m disappointed, since I had been hoping to write even just one word more than I did in 2010 (my yearly word count averages have been shrinking consistently since 2007), but…I’m trying not to kick myself over this. I only got serious about beating last year’s word count in November, and despite the fact that I spent a good chunk of the year revising, I was less than 10K away from actually reaching this goal. The yearly difference is sometimes as dramatic as 100K, so this is a step in the right direction. Perhaps 2012 will be my year and I’ll finally break this pesky streak of mine!

Speaking of 2012…can any of you believe it’s here already?! I can’t! But since it is here, I’m going to turn cliché on you all and reflect on my writing accomplishments in 2011, as well as ramble about what I hope will be accomplishments in 2012….

1) Finished rewriting For the Love of Gods.

I’m still so stoked about accomplishing this, you have no idea. Although I’ve been tweaking FLG lately, this book is done, for the most part—something I’d been growing wary would ever be true, since I had started these rewrites back in 2009. So many things changed drastically while also staying exactly the same, as odd as that sounds. I probably would have gone insane without Sarah around as a critique partner!

2) Started writing Cruel Melody.

It’s been so weird working on something new, since I pretty much lived-and-breathed FLG for years. It’s even weirder that that something new is CM. For years, that book existed as nothing but vague fragments in my head, neither characters nor plotlines fleshing out enough to be worked on. But then I heard this song…

…and CM became so vivid in my head, I couldn’t not work on it as soon as my FLG rewrites were complete! I officially started working on it in July, and already I’ve written 32K+ words for it! In other words, I’m roughly halfway done, and after doing nothing but revise for years, that is such an incredible feeling.

In hopes of having that incredible feeling follow me into the new year, these are my writing goals for 2012:

1) Finish writing the first draft of Cruel Melody.

As I’ve said, I’m already about halfway done with this book. And even though this book has been a challenge in many ways, it’s a fun challenge, so hopefully that, my adoration for the characters, and flat-out excitement to write certain twists will be enough of a drive to make this goal an accomplishment!

2) Start writing another book.

I have no idea which of my books this will pertain to yet, but many of my characters are fighting for the slot, so hopefully I will have an idea pretty soon! I like writing two books at once, so even if I don’t finish CM, I have no doubt I can at least start something else this year!

3) Query For the Love of Gods.

…aka the LET’S WATCH HEATHER FLAIL! goal. It’s been a couple years since I last queried, and…well, I suck at it. Hopefully the summary-portion I’ve already written for FLG’s query is entertaining enough to garner me more than a “Dear Author” rejection for a change. Now I just need to finish writing that query, update my agent research, and figure out how to write a synopsis that’ll leave at least one brain cell intact afterwards….

4) Write 6500 words per month.

That's all I need to do this year in order to write more than I did in 2011! Pretty feasible, yes?! Hopefully nothing will happen to make it seem impossible instead....

What about the rest of you? What goals have you made for yourselves this year, writing-related or otherwise?


  1. This is a lot, but I know you can do it :)
    Personally I just want to survive 2012. Too many things coming my way that I am not exactly looking forward to. However it would be nice to be done revising my middle grade novel.
    Happy New Year 2012 :)

  2. This is going to be a very busy year for your isn't it?!

    6500 words a month?!?! I wish I could get that much done within a year haha!

    I love your resolutions though. Mine is the standard: Lose weight, get better results and finish a novel!

  3. @ Akoss: Good luck surviving 2012, as well as revising your MG novel! You can easily pull that off. :) I have certain things happening this year that I'm not looking forward to, either, but I'm doing my best not to let it bring me down. Hopefully you can do the same!

    @ Kamille: Haha, yeah, definitely a busy year for me, especially since I know things like job-hunting are also going to be thrown into the mix. (Eep.) Good luck with your own goals for 2012--I'm sure you can pull them off! :)