Sunday, December 4, 2011

Why My WIP is Awesome Lately

1) I alluded to my protagonist spontaneously singing this song in class:

2) A first kiss occurred that was as epic as it was horrific. This has inspired me to type up a post about character-kissing in general, which—unlike a certain kiss—is likely heavier on the horrific than the epic. Yes, you will be seeing me post this in the near future. Wait, why are you running away…?!

3) I needed to reference a character reading something in a recent scene. Since I’m currently reading this, I had that something be Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon.

4) I managed to slip in a reference to one of the greatest TV shows to have ever aired—and that none of you ever watched. It might be more obtrusive than the Wonderfalls reference I’d snuck into FLG, though, so there’s a chance I’ll have to delete it later—*WOE*—but the fact that one is there at all right now is enough to make me happy.

5) I'm currently in the middle of writing chapter 10—aka the last chapter needed to close the gap between the early ones and all the Halloween stuff I skipped ahead to when October rolled around. I will finally be moving forward again, not backward—and that forwardness is bound to be heaps of fun for me, since my protagonist reached his breaking point during the Halloween chapters. In chapter 1, life was already making him curl up and cry, so when I say he's reached his breaking point, I really mean it.

6) As of today, CM is officially this long:

30063 / 80000 (37.58%)

Needless to say, it’s a good day. If my protagonist didn’t turn into an utter drama queen at the mere thought of enjoying things, he and I would be partying right now. Party with me instead, blogosphere?

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