Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Olympians Can't Wrap

It’s time for more holiday art spam! (Likely the last of it for the year, unless I’m able to squeeze in more drawing-time before Christmas.) First, here’s a non-canon piece of FLG art I drew last year, where Arden tries (and fails) to wrap presents:

And now...comics! For Christmas, I had made my critique partner Sarah a book full of them, taking place in the alternate universe where our books crossover. This is one of the pages from it…where Arden, yet again, fails at this crazy gift-wrapping thing:

One of the other gifts I made Sarah was a piece of framed art. In it, my character, Arden, and her character, Bryce, are messing with Tilian, the protagonist of her latest book. (Click here to learn more about him, since she posted some awesome snippets from his book a while back!)

Looks like Arden finally figured out how to wrap something. XD

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