Thursday, December 22, 2011

Holiday Sneer

I didn't have time to write a new short story for the holidays this year, so la-la-la, I'm reposting one I wrote last year! I haven't read it since then, because...well...seeing my year-old writing would probably horrify me! But hey, it's still fun to share, right?

I hope so, at least! The story I'm sharing is "Holiday Sneer," which takes place a year or two before For the Love of Gods. It's more slice-of-life than anything, since I have too much fun seeing what Arden's life was like before getting banished from Olympus. It's from the POV of his (very) older sister Hedone, who's not only crazy enough to drag Arden to a mortal mall during Christmastime, but to think it's fun. Things like this happen:

To read the story, as well as see more pics like the one above, click here! Hope you all enjoy it, as well as have a holiday much happier than the one a certain snarky god of mine gets!


  1. Your website looks so flashy!

    Aw! I love the stories!

  2. @ Kamille: Thank you! I've worked really hard on both my website and stories. :)