Thursday, December 1, 2011

Getting Graphic: November 2011

Another month has passed—so, of course, it’s time to share my monthly word count for November!

I only managed to write 6120 words last month, which is…disappointing. I’m hoping I write more this month. I need to write more. In order to break my *writes-less-than-the-previous-year* streak, I have to write over 16K words by January. I haven’t written that much in a month for a couple years now. *dies* You better play nice with me, December….

And since I’m already blabbering about word counts, here’s an updated CM word meter:

28683 / 80000 (35.85%)

I can’t believe I’m already nearing 30K! Writing this book can be a bit slow at times, but it’s a steady slowness, so that makes me happy. I’m used to experiencing serious cases of writer’s block every 10K words, so it’s nice to know that isn’t true for this project.

To better help me write this month—to help me write more—I’ve decided to set up a rewards system for myself. I received seasons three and four of Buffy the Vampire Slayer yesterday, so the rewards system will be this: For every 1K words I write, I’ll be allowed to watch one episode of Buffy. I’m already eager to watch these DVDs, so hopefully this will give me the extra push I need to write more than I seem to manage anymore. It’ll definitely make me feel better as a writer come 2012 if I’m able to pull it off!

Since I also have a reading goal I want to achieve come 2012, I’m going to allow myself to watch an episode of Buffy whenever I finish reading a single book, too. Can’t hurt to have a rewards system for that as well, right?

What about the rest of you writers out there? Did you accomplish a lot back in November, or are you eager to up your writerly game this December?

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