Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Blogosphere, Meet Baltsaros. Baltsaros, Blogosphere!

I’ve had many book ideas get chatty in my head lately. One of these books is OH. (No, I’m not going to reveal what that acronym stands for yet!) While I’ve been wanting to work on another book alongside CM, I didn’t want it to be this book. It takes place a few years after the FLG trilogy, and at least one FLG character will make an appearance in OH, so…if I not only wrote this, but had it published before FLG by some screwy twist of fate, it would majorly spoil it. (Yes, all my books exist in the same world, even when they don’t belong to the same series. Arden from FLG and Fritz from CM could easily run into each other at a grocery store, for example….)

The protagonist of OH is Baltsaros. He belongs to a family of creatures who are only able to leave the underworld between December 25-January 7. (Very appropriate for him to get chatty now, since that’s the case, eh?) This is what happens when Baltsaros is allowed to roam Earth:

Obviously, Baltsaros is a cuddle-bunny.

I blame his recent bout of chattiness on this song, which has quickly become Baltsaros’s theme:

“Lights Out” – Mindless Self Indulgence
Punch your lights out
Hit the pavement
That’s what I call entertainment

I’m still not certain if I will actually be writing this book anytime soon, but if I do, I think I’ll enjoy it a lot more than I should. It’ll be an interesting challenge to see if I can get readers to care about (or, at the very least, be fascinated by) a character who'd typically be designated as the villain....

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