Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Wherein I Succumb to Quilter's Crack

I haven’t sewn in a long time, if you don't count simple things like fixing broken shoe straps and patching up other people's holey Pooh Bears. The most crafty thing I do anymore is cross-stitch. Still, I hope to return to sewing someday, and when I saw that Joanns was having an online sale on their fabrics not too long ago, I couldn’t resist buying some—and guess what? They just came in the mail! Squee! Naturally, being the Halloween fangirl that I am, four of the fabrics I bought were these:

I have no idea what I’ll do with these fabrics, but at least I have them on hand for whenever inspiration does strike, and oh, they’re so pretty to look at! Having them to ogle is more than worth the money. I don’t care if it’s not Halloween anymore!

The other fabric I bought was this, which I got simply because it reminded me of my sister the moment I saw it:
I hadn’t realized it was fleece when I bought it, but it is, so now my brain is bubbling with plans to make her a fringed, no-sew blanket as soon as I buy another yard of fleece in a solid color to act as the backing. I’ve seen my grandma make blankets like this before, so even though I’ve never done one, hopefully I won’t screw this up too much whenever I get around to it.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to ogle my pretty new fabrics some more….


  1. You should totally make a blanket!

    I love sewing but I'm just not very good at it. My stitches always end up in a crooked line.

    Whatever you choose to make, please leave a pic so I can see! Thanks!

  2. Im totally on a sewing kick right now too!! I just got done making two pairs of pants for my little girl, a Dora backpack, half of an yo-yo quilt, and a fleece charcoal gray jacket w/ lots of ruffles on it for my little one. I guess that explains the lack of writing..... oops... :[

  3. @ Kamille: I tend to share everything creative I do on my blog, so there will no doubt be pictures someday. ;)

    @ Tristyn: Wow, you really are on a sewing kick! I wish I could get much done. It may have made you backslide from writing, but I'm sure you can find a way to squeeze it back into your schedule. :)