Friday, November 25, 2011

Slow Down, 2011!

Thanksgiving has come and gone. Soon it’ll be Christmas, and then—BAM!—the new year.

Is anyone else wondering where the heck 2011 ran off to?!

2011 may have snuck away from me, but I’m still determined to make the most of it, despite the fact that so little is left. As some of you may remember from this post, these were the goals I made of things to accomplish before 2012:

1) Write 21K words. (Ever since 2007, I’ve had this bad habit of writing substantially less than I did the year before. The difference between this year and the last actually isn’t that bad so far—only about 20K—so I’m hoping I can finally break this awful streak of mine, even if it’s only by 1K.)

2) Read 30 books. (My TBR pile is huge. Reading 30 books will help shrink it by a third and make it seem less overwhelming.)

Of course, these goals are a bit different now, since it’s already been a little over a week since I formed them. How different, you ask?

1) I only need to write about 18800 words now. Writing has been a bit slow-go lately, but hey, it’s still going, so YAY, progress!

2) I only need to read 26 books now. Yep, I’ve knocked out four already. Am currently reading Abandon, which I hope to finish this weekend, shrinking the list to a clean 25. It’s really good so far, but Meg Cabot wrote it, and it’s based off a Greek myth, so is anyone really surprised?

I’m hoping the writing goal will be achievable. I just need to write 523 words a day in order to make it a reality. Hopefully Fritz (the protagonist of my current project, CM) will cooperate with me on this. If not, I can threaten to work on another WIP that’s been especially loud in my head lately; making my characters jealous of each other like that always scares them into being chatty!

The reading goal is…uh…a bit scarier. At this point, I need to be able to read about five books per week. Five books. Per week. *ack* Not sure I can manage that, but as long as I at least come close to knocking out 30 books, I’ll be happy. That monstrous TBR pile of mine needs to shrink already!

What about the rest of you? Have any goals you wish to accomplish before 2012? Sound off in the comments! We can be each other’s unofficial cheerleaders, since 2011 probably won’t be rooting for us to succeed!


  1. Oh my. I'm seriously avoiding my 2011 goals list until like mid december or something. I do know for a fact that I'm late on my reading goal. Hopefully december and the end of Nano will help with getting through 4 more books before xmas.
    Write on my friend you can do it :D

  2. @ akoss: Four books is definitely doable before Christmas! (Definitely seems more doable than my 26-books-by-2012 goal, at least, haha.) Good luck! :)

  3. 30 is a lot of books!

    I haven't read much this year.

    Good luck reaching your goals!

  4. @ Kamille: Thanks! :)

    Yeah, 30 books is a lot. I definitely feel overwhelmed by it! My TBR pile will be so much smaller if I'm able to accomplish this, though, so I'm going to at least try knocking that many out!