Monday, November 28, 2011

Shopping Splurge

I realize it’s the holiday season and that money should be spent on others right now, but hey, guess what? I have long since finished that brand of shopping. I even have some of those gifts wrapped already! It can’t hurt to spend a little money on myself, right?

Well, if so, it’s too late to stop me, because these are the purchases I made this past week:

Still Sucks to be Me by Kimberly Pauley

I loved the first book in this series, Sucks to be Me. Love-love-loved it! It’s not only irreverent and funny, but full of heart, quirk, and snark—all things I love in a book! Yeah, there are a bajillion YA books out right now about vampires, but trust me, this one stands out as one of the best. Because of that, I couldn’t help but order the sequel after devouring the first!

Hot Kiss Shoes

Hot Kiss is easily my favorite brand of shoes. Not only are they super-cute, but comfortable as well! How could I resist ordering them when it’d only cost me $30 instead of $70?! Hopefully this pair will fit me! (They didn’t have a size ten, so I settled with a size 9.5, which I know I can fit in for other brands, but don't know if the same will be true for this one.)

Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Seasons Three and Four

Who doesn’t love Buffy?! This show is so awesome, I’m crazy to not have these seasons as part of my collection already, especially since I already own all the other ones. (I really can’t wait for season four to come in the mail. While the rest of the fandom may give it a lot of flack, it is easily one of my favorites of the series!) Ordering these two together only cost me $18, so I would have been even crazier to let a deal like that slip by!

Dollhouse: Seasons One and Two

Yet another Joss Whedon show I have been too crazy to own until now. I loved this series (yes, even its early episodes—don’t hate, haters) and was so disappointed when it was canceled. All the themes involving memory and identity really appealed to me, since I’ve been toying with elements like that in my own writing ever since high school. I can’t wait to have a Dollhouse marathon once this arrives in the mail—I’m finally going to see “Epitaph One”!—even though doing so will probably tempt me to resurrect an old vampire series of mine and play with still unexplored WIPs….

What about the rest of you? Have any of you succumbed to your own shopping splurge lately?

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