Tuesday, November 29, 2011

A Letter to the Cover Gods

Dear Cover Gods,

You have blessed so many authors I adore with amazing covers. Surely you’ll be just as kind to me if I’m ever published…?

If so, I’m already requesting that you make something like this be the cover for CM.

Just, you know, replace the girl with a boy, since my protagonist is a boy! I don't care if he can technically shapeshift into a girl as a nix; he would not do that, so don't make him do it for his cover, Cover Gods! Everything else about this image is perfect for CM, though, so…make it a cover for me? Pretty please?!

The Writer Who Should Be Writing Instead of Cover-Dreaming


  1. dude!!! (sorry for that. I couldn't help it)
    This is great. I hope they hear you. Imagine a few years from now if this actually happens? it would be awesome and a bit freakish. but still awesome.

    PS: I want to link one of your blogs on my wordpress. which one would you prefer I link? blogger or LJ?

  2. @ akoss: Heh, yeah, my thoughts exactly: freakish yet awesome, if it happens! *crosses fingers*

    And aw, you want to link to me? Awesome! I think I'd prefer my LJ to be linked to, since that's the site I always check first. Thanks! :)