Tuesday, November 22, 2011

The CW Loves Me

I could have sworn there was supposed to be a new episode of Ringer tonight—my favorite new show this season—and since there wasn’t, I got paranoid enough to Google and see if it was at risk of cancellation yet.

I uncovered awesomeness instead.

You guys know Misha Collins, that amazing actor who plays the equally amazing angel Castiel on Supernatural?

That’s right, this guy!

Yeah, well, it turns out he’s going to be guest-starring on Ringer—a show that is already awesome enough to have stars like Sarah Michelle Gellar and Kristopher Paloha, as well as guest stars like Jason Dohring.

*obligatory fangirl squee*

The awesomeness doesn’t end there, though. Jason Dohring—who has not only been on shows as good as Ringer, but shows as EPIC as Veronica Mars—is going to be guest-starring on Supernatural! As a Greek god of time! You all should know very well how much I love characters like that. (FLG, anyone?!)

Snarky rich boy, vampire, teacher, and a Greek god?!
Clearly doesn’t need this gif to be deemed EPIC….

I just…I just can’t stop squeeing. I never thought the CW could be cool enough to dish out this much awesomeness at once—not even when this happened—but apparently they are. *squees again*

*tries to regain some composure in order to accomplish something productive tonight*

*caves to more squeeing*

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