Tuesday, October 18, 2011

We Need to Have a Word...

Two words, actually. And no, neither of them is “anthropomorphic.” They are…



Jason Dohring, actually. Logan Echolls is just the character he played on Veronica Mars. Still, can you blame me for exclaiming “Logan Echolls” first? He’s one of the greatest characters of all time, from one of the greatest shows of all time—and now this actor is on my favorite new show, Ringer!

Jason Dohring as Mr. Awesome Carpenter.

Totally awesome, right?! The only way this could be even more squee-worthy is if the CW allowed THIS to happen.

You paying attention, CW?! THIS MUST HAPPEN. It’ll help shed some of the negative karma you earned by canceling Veronica Mars. MAKE IT HAPPEN. MAKE IT HAPPEN NOW.

*pretends it HAS happened—HIGH FIVE TIME!!!*


  1. Veronica Mars was cancelled waaaay too early1!

  2. @Kamille: I know, right?! I still miss this show...sigh. At least we got three seasons; I'm used to shows getting canceled way sooner than that!

  3. I know. One of my faves got cancelled after 1. :( I still watch the reruns though.

  4. Yeah, one-season cancellations definitely suck! I've had some faves canceled even sooner than that, too. Sigh. TV execs don't give good shows a chance anymore....