Tuesday, October 25, 2011

I Put A Spell On You

My all-time favorite movie to watch for Halloween is Hocus Pocus. Not only is there classic awesomeness in the form of kooky witches and an immortal talking cat, but craziness such as the persistent pointing-out that the main guy is a virgin (in a Disney movie, of all things), as well as the inclusion of real-life sibling duo Garry and Penny Marshall playing—wait for it—husband and wife.

Again, this is a DISNEY movie.

There are so many other awesome things I could point out about this movie, and perhaps I will do a better job of paying tribute to Hocus Pocus in the future. For now, I’ll simply leave you all with one of my favorite scenes from it, which also happens to double as my favorite version of the song “I Put A Spell On You” ever:

(This is oddly perfect inspiration for CM right now…. *returns to writing*)


  1. I LVOE THIS MOVIE!!!! I can't get enough of it during the Halloween season... :)

  2. @ Tristyn: Whoo, glad to know I'm not the only fan! It really is the perfect movie for Halloween. :P