Thursday, October 27, 2011

Halloween: TCA Edition!

My critique partner (Sarah) and I have a crazy little crossover universe where our characters can hang out, which is brought to life in the form of comics called Torture Club Art. (Comics that’ll be unleashed online someday, hopefully!) My character, Arden, plus one of Sarah's own have become best buds as a result. This year, for Halloween, they decided to celebrate by dressing up as each other….

Anyone else think Arden is a little peeved that Sarah’s character looks more like a god than him…? XD


  1. Lol! The facial expressions are awesome and look so real!

    Does that mean you guys share characters or something?

  2. @ Kamille: We don't share characters in the sense of literally featuring them in each other's books. (Although we may try sneaking in the occasional inside-joke to TCA in our writing sometime, haha.) We just have fun playing around with them outside of their own respective book worlds for our own amusement. ;)

  3. Oh right! That sounds cool. I wish I could do that with someone.

  4. @ Kamille: Maybe you will someday! Just a year ago I never would have expected to, but here I am. :)