Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Halloween: CM Style!

Halloween is my favorite holiday—so, naturally, it finds a way to creep into many of the books I write! CM, my latest WIP, is no exception. In fact, Halloween is not only featured in it, but doubles as a very crucial day for my characters. It’s when a certain something hits the fan, if you know what I mean. One of my characters hijacking a guitar during the costume party certainly doesn’t help assuage all that fan-hitting:

(Yeah, I know, this doesn’t look all that epic, but trust me, DOOM is going to follow as a result.)

Now, to better get you all in a Halloween mood before October vanishes from us completely, I present a violinized version of “This is Halloween,” a song which also happens to be on the CM playlist:

Happy Early Halloween, Blogosphere! :D


  1. I would love Halloween too but there's not much you can do here. It's not really celebrated in the UK and instead of getting children knocking on your door for sweets, you get grown up adults who refuse to grow up and think they're gangster, throwing eggs at you and your cars.

    We had an incident four or five years ago where half the cars in the neighbourhood had their car windows smashed in.

  2. @Kamille: There's a lot of adults refusing to grow up in the US, too, whenever Halloween rolls around. So annoying! They really need to get a life....

  3. I didn't know it was a problem in the US.

    What kind of stuff do they do?

  4. Nothing specific is coming to mind at the moment, but there'll be vandalism and things like that, simply because Halloween always seems to bring out the crazies, no matter where you are.