Friday, October 14, 2011

Getting Graphic: September Edition!

I should have posted this earlier on in October, but I was in the middle of a blogging hiatus then, so better late than never, right?

Anyway…the latest monthly word count graph!

In September, I managed to write 6770 words, which isn’t as great as August, but it’s still better than previous Septembers, so I’m not going to feel (too) down about this. Plus, much of last month was spent typing up what I wrote in August; I need to be glad I managed to squeeze in any “real” writing at all!

Except a lot of that “real” writing wasn’t for the book I should have been working on. While I did write a nice handful of words for CM, most of the writing was for a pre-FLG short story and FLG’s sequel, LM(N). (It’s hard for me to resist writing anything Arden-related for too long, apparently.) I know I shouldn’t even be thinking about sequels right now, much less writing them, but I couldn’t help it. The narration popped into my head, so what was I supposed to do? Not write it down? While it’s highly likely it’ll all have to be trashed down the line, if FLG is ever published at all, the writing I’ve already done for its sequel has been challenging in ways I never expected my writing to be, so that alone makes all those words worth it. (Challenging writing is always good writing, IMO, since it enables me to grow as a writer!)

I’ve found myself focused on LM(N) some more in October, but I’m finally easing back into CM again, which makes me happy, since those characters are currently experiencing October, too. As often happens in my writing, Halloween plays a crucial part in that book, so it’d be awesome to reach those scenes in time for the holiday this year! (I probably won’t be sharing any snippets of those scenes, but there’s a chance I will share related artwork, so stay tuned!)

And now, for the curious, word count meters for both the WIPs I’ve been working on, ‘cause hey, it’s fun, why not?


17105 / 80000

LM(N)—FLG’s Sequel

7749 / 80000

I’ve babbled more than enough about my writing today, so what about the rest of you? Getting lots accomplished with your own writing projects? Gearing up for the writing insanity that always happens in November? (I probably won’t participate in NaNo, since I really, really want to finish CM….) Sound off in the comments!

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