Saturday, October 22, 2011

Cruel Melody

I'm finally revealing the title of CM! (‘Bout time, right, since I've been babbling more and more about this book?!) As if this post title didn’t make it obvious…CM stands for Cruel Melody. I filched the title from a Black Light Burns song, which—surprise, surprise—is on CM’s playlist:

As for what CM is actually about, here is what I’ve typed for it in the new “Works-In-Progress” section of my sidebar: Fritz discovers that he’s a nix, a Germanic water creature capable of shapeshifting and musically manipulating humans. (Might as well reveal a small something about it, yeah?!)

Since we’re on the topic of CM, here’s the word count for it so far:

18773 / 80000

I still have quite a ways to go, but I didn’t deal with my typical “10K Slump” for this book, so I’m hoping this means I’ll continue to make steady progress and have the first draft out of the way in a matter of months.

Before I had even begun writing the first draft, I made pre-CM art of my protagonist, Fritz, and his best friend, Winnie, to help solidify in my head how they look. (No way did I want to experience 30K+ words of not-knowing, like I did with Arden for FLG!) I don’t think I’ve ever shared that pic here, so I’ll end this post with it, even though it kinda makes me cringe now, having been months since I drew it and all:

(Aren’t they cute?! Too bad they decided to star in one of my books, which spells doom for that cuteness. Tsk, tsk….)


  1. ROFL!

    That's an awesome word count! Well done!

  2. I forgot to mention: Cool title! I love taking titles from songs.

  3. I'm glad you like the title! I couldn't resist using it for my book--not just because it's so cool on its own, but also because it relates so well to the story.

    I'm also using song titles as chapter titles for this book. It's yet another thing I couldn't resist, since music is so important to CM as a whole. ;)

  4. I like the title! :) As for the 10k slump...I think I'm totally stuck in it!

    Thanks for visiting Middle Brained Canvas. New follower :)

  5. Hey, Tristyn! Thanks for following. Good luck getting out of that 10K slump! I've dealt with them enough to know how much of a pain they can be....

  6. That would be so cool! It would be like having a playlist in your book!

  7. That's exactly what it is! Any song title used in the book doubles as an actual song on the playlist. ;) (Some titles it's been causing me to think creatively for certain chapters, haha.)