Sunday, September 18, 2011

Shameless Sunday

The latest links from Beside The Norm:

*Teaser Tuesday: The Secret Circle
They were creating chaos as they went, knocking books out of people's arms and grabbing at girls' clothes. (Read More)

*Waiting on Wednesday: Sisters of Isis
Based in Egyptian mythology and set in modern-day Washington, D.C., Sisters of Isis follows the lives of Meri, Sudi, and Dalila, three fifteen-year-old girls who have just discovered they are descendants of very powerful ancestors—Egyptian pharaohs. (Read More)

*Review: The Ripper by D. E. Athkins
It all started out as a party. (Read More)

*Waiting on Wednesday: After Obsession
Aimee and Alan have secrets. (Read More)

*Friday Funny: How Twilight Should Have Ended
(Read More)

*See Ya in September!
Just like last year, I'll be off on a road trip this August. (Read More)

*I'm Baaaaaack!
From the road trip, that is! (Read More)

*D. J. MacHale's Park City TV Interview
Check out this interview D. J. MacHale did back in April, about his amazing Morpheus Road series! (Read More)

*My New Blog
If you guys enjoy all my bookish ramblings here at Beside The Norm, please consider hopping over to my new blog here, where I blog about not just books, but writing, drawing, music, TV, and anything else I feel like squeeing or grumbling about at the moment! (Read More)

*Review: Absolute Boyfriend #1-6 by Yuu Watase
Rejected way too many times by good-looking (and unattainable) guys, shy Riiko Izawa goes online and signs up for a free trial of a mysterious Nightly Lover “figure.” (Read More)

*Help a Library!
Libraries have been devastated recently because of Tropical Storm Irene. (Read More)

*The Norm of the Month: Happyface by Stephen Emond
Cute girls dig him. He even has his own fan club. (Read More)

*Page to Screen: A Double-Dose of L. J. Smith!
Tonight the third season of The Vampire Diaries--a very loose adaptation of the L. J. Smith book series by the same name--premieres! (Read More)

*After Obsession Trailer
I adore anything Carrie Jones writes--so, naturally, I had to pre-order the spooky new book she co-authored, After Obsession! (Read More)

*Are You a Fan of Lynne Ewing?
Then you might be interested in my new Tumblr, No One Starts the Party Without Us, where I blog about anything and everything related to Lynne Ewing and her amazing books! (Read More)

*Page to Screen: The One Season of Chloe King
The Nine Lives of Chloe King--the TV adaptation of the Celia Thomson/Liz Braswell book series of the same name--has been canceled after just one season. (Read More)

The latest links from No One Starts The Party Without Us:

*The Return of Sisters of Isis!
Lynne Ewing’s amazing YA fantasy series Sisters of Isis will be reprinted this December. (Read More)

Our lives take too many twists and turns. (Read More)

*Review: Drive-By
Originally, I had posted this review over at Beside the Norm, but now that I have a Tumblr all about Lynne Ewing, I figured I should also share it here! (Read More)

Ducunt volentem fata, nolentum trahunt. (Read More)

Mina: "A knight has to slay a dragon for me." (Read More)

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