Thursday, September 15, 2011

Hey, Look, I Still Blog!

Where did the time go?! It doesn't seem like I was away from blogging as long as I've been. Time to get back on track!

As I try to get a handle on back-on-tracking (again), here are some things I've been toying with when I should have been blogging:

Yep, I finally have one of these! (APOCALYPSE!) Feel free to follow me if you have one, too. I'll do the same!

I have one of these now, too. (Like I need another thing online distracting me?!) Basically, it's my Lynne Ewing fangirlism in blog form. If you're also a fan of this author, check it out! Even if you're not a fan...maybe the things you'll see posted there in the future will make you want to be one. ;)

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