Saturday, September 3, 2011

Getting Graphic: August Edition!

I was on a road trip practically all month, so—like last year—that automatically means a sucky monthly word count, right?


I wrote 10478 words! All for the same book, my super-new WIP, CM. I had already written a handful of words for it before this, too, which means—unlike normal—I have totally skipped past the “10K Slump” I should have suffered. This is also the most I’ve written in a month for a looooong time, soooo…yeah. *SQUEE* Hopefully I can keep it up!

Since we’re on the topic of word counts…here’s a word meter for CM!

10018 / 80000 (12.52%)

This word count is deceptive, since I’ve been writing the first draft by hand. What you’re seeing here is what I’ve managed to type up of my book so far. (In this case, the first three chapters and a small later chapter.) I still have a few more to type up, but still, not too shabby, yeah?

What about the rest of you writers out there? You getting heaps accomplished, too, whether those accomplishments involve writing, planning, daydreaming, etc? Sound off in the comments!

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