Saturday, September 17, 2011

Fall Premieres (So Far)

It feels like it’s been forever since I’ve watched TV. I nearly forgot to watch it this week, too, despite the fact that three shows I’ve been excited about were premiering already.

So, what are my thoughts on those premieres, exactly?

1) Ringer

LOVE IT. Then again, I’m not surprised. Two actors I love are in it (hello, Sarah Michelle Gellar and Kristopher Paloha!) and it has a crazy-awesome premise (twin sisters, identity theft, and secrets/conspiracies? HECK YEAH!). Luckily, not only do these elements sound awesome, but were awesome in execution! I’m already invested with the characters, stunned by some of the twists, and ecstatic to see more secrets and conspiracies unravel…while watching the current ones continue to!

***My instant love for this show has already doomed it to be canceled midseason—or by the end of the first season, if the universe is feeling suspiciously nice. Just watch. Sorry, fellow Ringer fans!***

2) The Vampire Diaries

I usually enjoy this show (despite how radically different it is from the books), but the season three premiere…eh. Yes, it had its moments, but for the most part I was bored, when I wasn’t rolling my eyes. (Could that convo about being horny between Caroline and Tyler be anymore weird and forced?! And Matt’s getting stoned now? ARE YOU SERIOUS?!) Hopefully TVD will win me back with the coming episodes.

3) The Secret Circle

This show…um…well…I was unimpressed, to be honest. If I continue to be unimpressed for the next few episodes, I am going to quit watching it. I want to support it since it’s based off an L. J. Smith series, and is even starring Britt Robertson (who I loved in Life Unexpected), Thomas Dekker (who I remember from Heroes and the show version of Honey, I Shrunk the Kids), and Ashley Crow (another Heroes alum). But I don’t really agree with the changes they’ve made from the books when it comes to the Cassie/Adam/Diana dynamic, Cassie’s outsiderness/need to belong and acceptance of witchcraft, the lack of Henderson Twins (and other awesome characters), etc, etc. I also think they revealed too much too soon. Some elements would’ve been amazing to see unfold over several episodes instead of just dumped in our laps for the pilot.

Naturally, as a TVD fan, book changes can’t be the only thing turning me off this show, if I’m willing to put up with that unfaithful adaptation. And it isn’t. The Secret Circle just felt…lackluster to me. While it seemed like a lot of things were being revealed and hinted at, it was done in a way that simulatenously seemed like nothing was happening at all. I was bored. I am such a huge fan of the witchy side of fantasy, guys—boredom is the last thing I should have been feeling! Sigh.

Which doesn’t mean I didn’t enjoy anything about it. I’m very fond of all the scenes with Cassie’s grandmother, for example, and the scenes with Adam’s father stood out to me, too. Of course, the latter may be because that actor (Adam Harrington) reminded me a bit of Jake Abel (who played an Adam on Supernatural—oh, so many Adams!). Made me start wondering what the show would be like if Jake Abel had been cast as the TSC Adam, since he reminds me of that character's daddio, which made me think of Supernatural in general, and that was, sadly, the highlight of my TV-viewing on Thursday.

(See, don’t these actors look similar? What do you mean it’s all in my head?! Pff…)

And thus concludes my super-rambly TV post for the day. Sorry for subjecting you all to that!

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