Sunday, September 25, 2011

Earworm: Disney Edition!

Anyone else ever wake up with a completely random song in their head? Well, I do--all the time. This is the song that was stuck in my head when I woke up today. I have NO IDEA why it was in my head, but it was, and it continued to be, to the point where I couldn't resist downloading a copy off Amazon so I could listen to it on repeat.

*is not crazy*

*okay, maybe a little*


  1. I get High School Musical. I just dream about it a lot for some strange reason.

    The best remedy is to find a better song to have stuck in your head haha!

  2. @Ghostie Girl: LOL @ High School Musical! I once had a dream that a High School Musical cult was trying to convert me. They had me backed up in a corner and were almost going to sing right when I woke up. XD

    And I actually quite like the song that got stuck in my head. (It's my fave from that movie.) Still, really random that it got stuck in my head at all, since I haven't watched the movie in forever!