Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Halloween Giveaway - Ending Soon!

Are you a fan of Echo Effect and Halloween? Then come check out my ACEO giveaway! A winner will be chosen on Friday the 13th, so enter now if you want a chance to own some one-of-a-kind art...

Sunday, October 1, 2017


This past summer, I had my patrons vote on which characters they wanted to see in my wallpapers next. Spencer and Jay were one of the winning choices in that poll. Because I had always wanted to do a continuation of this piece of art, I decided to go with that idea for my latest wallpaper.

Jay's very persuasive, obviously...

Everyone supporting me on Patreon can download this wallpaper here. (Patrons with higher pledges can also see the original sketch!) Not a patron, but still want to see these two being adorable on your desktop? You can download it from my online shop for just $1!

Saturday, September 9, 2017


You’ve all been eager to see more concept art of Tess and Jay’s childhood, right? No? Well, too bad, ‘cause that’s what I’m posting today!

…aaaand Ethan never talks about his wife again.

Because of how secretive Ethan is, Tess and Jay still argue about exactly what happened to their mom years later. (Tess is convinced their dad killed her. Jay thinks it's possible that she simply ran off.)

Everyone supporting me on Patreon can see a high-res version of this comic strip here. Want to learn more about Ethan in general? Patrons also have access to WIPs and art of his time as a human!

Monday, August 14, 2017

An Update

Last month, I alluded to some changes I’m in the middle of implementing. Unfortunately, I still can’t share much yet, but I will reveal what one of those changes are, so you guys can better understand why I’ve been quiet here lately…

My site’s moving to a new webhost.

While I’ll miss aspects of my current one, I’ve had enough issues with it over the years that I wanted to explore my options. And I’m glad I did, since this new webhost will make managing my webcomics so much easier. Have already transferred over 90 pages worth of content there and only have about 250 left to go.

It’ll be a while before you guys can see my new website, but not because of the work involved. Websites cost money, which I don’t have much of, as an artist. Been spending long hours every day doing whatever I can to supplement my income. Might have the means to launch this website before the end of the year, but because of how pesky life can be, I can’t guarantee that.

Anyone who wants to help, in the meantime, can check out my online shop, where I have desktop wallpapers for sale. I’m also available for art commissions!

And, of course, supporting me on Patreon is an option, too. For just $1, patrons get access to WIPs, high-res art, and early announcements. Everyone pledging $5 can also see new art before everyone else—sometimes months in advance!—as well as content that will never be posted anywhere else.

If you’re an Echo Effect fan, Patreon is an especially good place to be right now. That’s because this webcomic is still updating regularly for $5 patrons, despite being on hiatus elsewhere. (They’re already six strips ahead of everyone else!) Not a patron? Here’s a glimpse of what you’re missing…

Everything's fine, obviously.

Already a fan of that horror comic I’m developing? I post lots of fun content for The Undeath of Me there, too!

I still have a lot of work ahead of me, so I’ll end this post here. Maybe collapse from exhaustion, too…