Monday, December 5, 2016

Guest Post: Vampires by Tara Tyler

The second book in Tara Tyler's Beast World series is out this month! To help celebrate Cradle Rock, Tara's taking over my blog to talk about one of my absolute favorite kinds of beasts. Enjoy!


No, not vampires again. But wait! It’s not just about the blood-sucking or twinkling. It’s about the character.

VampiresThenAndNow2.jpgVampires have been around for centuries, in literature and beyond! Historically they’re portrayed as demons, given their powers and longevity from the devil. They have evolved over the years and different authors choose which pieces of the folklore to use, making them blend in for our urban fantasy delights. This graphic is a good example of Vampires then and now. And I particularly like what Heather has done in her vampire comic! She’s so talented!

Over the years all these vampire movies have come out and nobody looks like a vampire anymore. - Johnny Depp

In my MG/YA Beast World series, there are 12 identified intelligent species, 13 if you count humans. My bat people are a new generation of vampire. Though they are similar as nocturnal chiropteran shape-shifters, they convert blood to energy, usually from animals and not other sentient beings. But there have been rumors… Let’s just say, you don’t want to wander into their territory until after sunup. And the only ill-will in their hearts is inherited from their human ancestors. They also share many of the same characteristics as traditional vampires: pale, goth, and dramatic. Other than that, they’re the same as most kids, dealing with high school and parents and relationships...

Vincent is the first vampire we meet in Beast World and he is charming to a fault. In his village, there’s an ancient vampire grandmother to whom everyone sends their kids when they turn ten for a prediction of their future. They call her the Prophetess. The tradition is similar to Halloween for us. But the kids, being kids, take what she says to heart and interpret what she says in their own way. So the predictions usually come true. Vincent was told he would meet an ogress who would change his life. When he met Ona, he thought she was his true love and caused quite a scene. But everything worked out… and his life was definitely changed.

Since vampires have super sensitive skin, they stay out of the sun, and therefore are not in Cradle Rock which takes place in the sunny western mountains. But don’t worry, Vince returns with his charismatic flair in Book Three, Windy Holler, and enjoys meeting many other vampires in the mountains across the big sea.

Gabe's opinion of Vincent, His fangs give me the ibbidy jibbidies.

Who's your favorite vampire?


CRADLE ROCK, Beast World Book Two
by Tara Tyler

Gabe the goblin just saved his town Broken Branch Falls from splitting apart. He also revealed that humans--horrible creatures of myth and legend--may actually be part of their history! But seriously? Nah!

Now Ona, Gabe’s girlfriend, is headed thousands of miles away to Camp Cradle Rock for Spring Break seeking evidence of humans. Gabe knows better than to tell a stubborn ogress she’s crazy, so he’s letting her go and spending the break at the beach like a normal teenage beast. And he’s determined to have a good time without her, whether he likes it or not.

But when Gabe hears Ona went missing, he and his friends set out for the wilds of the west to find her, no matter what dangerous creatures get in his way. Not even humans.

Check out the Book Trailer!

Tara Tyler has had a hand in everything from waitressing to rocket engineering. After moving all over, she now writes and teaches math in Ohio with her three active boys and Coach Husband. Currently she has two series, Pop Travel (techno-thriller detective capers) and Broken Branch Falls (fantasy adventures). To squeeze in writing, she economizes her time aka the Lazy Housewife. Make every day an adventure!

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All I Want for Christmas

Nicholas and Coco are ready for the holidays! You can download the latest Echo Effect wallpaper here. Other wallpapers are available in my online shop, as well.

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Friday, November 18, 2016

Echo Effect

Feels like only yesterday I announced how my webcomic would be going on hiatus. It wasn’t yesterday, though. It was three months ago. Which means…Echo Effect is back!

The latest strip can be read on my website or Blogger. If you support me on Patreon, a high-res version can be found here. (Select patrons can see the next two strips already, too!)

Now that Echo Effect has returned, I plan to update it on a weekly basis—Fridays, specifically. (Click here to see exactly when new strips will show up!) I really hate how sporadic the schedule has become in recent years, so I’m going to do my best to keep that from happening again. There will probably be a couple weeks in December where I post fluff instead of an actual comic strip, but you guys will still see something each Friday, the gods willing.

(Each Friday of 2016, at least. My inner pessimist suspects I might have to update Echo Effect every other week in 2017. Hopefully not, but still, you’ve been warned, haha.)

In other news, there’s less than two weeks now to request a one-of-a-kind ACEO! This is a free perk for everyone who’s currently a patron, or becomes one during the month of November. So, if you’ve ever wanted to own some personalized art of Nicholas, Coco, or any other character of mine, you definitely don’t want to miss out on this. More details can be found here!

Monday, November 14, 2016

World Diabetes Day

Apparently, it’s World Diabetes Day. Would’ve really loved to draw something for it, but I only found out about it a few hours ago. I’ve been a type-1 diabetic since March 2003, so…uh, shame on me for not knowing sooner? LOL.

As should surprise none of you at this point, I love to include diabetic characters in my projects. Sometimes they’re simply secondary—like Coco’s little brother Tad in Echo Effect—but as should be even less of a surprise, I like to make them main characters most often. I have so many you guys have yet to meet. You’ve all met Jay already, though! He’s one of two protagonists in the horror comic I’m developing. Since I wasn’t able to draw something fun for WDD, here are some links to past artwork of him, where the insulin pump he uses as a diabetic is on full display…

And here’s a glimpse of a silly comic strip I started ages ago, where Jay’s insulin pump plays an important role. (This will make sense if/when I’m able to share the completed version!)

Now’s my cue to forget about WDD, because Echo Effect is returning THIS FRIDAY and I still have so much work to do! *flails*